Bottle Probe   P# Probe   Used in Models:  ALL      

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Total 175.00
​(including Frt)

Color - w/Thermistor

Sentinel II Mother Board P# 6CV59S

​Includes Board & LCD Display 
           Used in Models WKE        

Fan Motor & Blade  P# 6CV97C  
Used in Models WK, WKL, WKE, WKS, WKSL 

Used in all 1060 & 2200 Models

Evp Coil  P# 5DM01S  

Total 155.00
​(including Frt)

Fan Motor Assembly 

P# 1DV02S  
Used in Models WK, WKL, WKCE, WKC 1060 

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- Via Fed Ex Ground  (Shipping cost is included).
- All parts sales are final and NO returns and NO warranty. 

Total 93.00
​(including Frt)

Replacement Video 

Total 195.00 
​(including Frt)

​(including Frt)

Total 175.00
​(including Frt)

Total 155.00
​(including Frt)

Sold as a set of (2) Total 120.00
​(including Frt)

Cond Coil  P# 5DM02S  

Sold as a set of (2) Total 105.00 
​(including Frt)

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Total 230.00 
​(including Frt)

Evp Coil  P# 6CM10S  

Fan Motor Assembly  P# 2DV16S  
Used in Models WK, WKL, WKSL, WKC, WKCE   2200    

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​           phone please contact us at  619-948-3422 


Sentry III Controller P# 7CV91SA (SAND OR BLACK)                  Used in Models WKL, WKSL & WKCE

Cond Coil  P# 6CM11S  

BREEZAIRE Replacement Parts 

Used in all 3000 & 4000 Models